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What Makes Our Services So Popular?

If you’re a private homeowner in Chesterfield, you know all too well that there’s always another project on the horizon. While property maintenance seems forever ongoing, larger scale projects come around every few years. In fact, the latter are often a source of excitement. They breathe new energy into your home and even transform your lifestyle.

As a building and plastering contractor, we construct house extensions and garage conversions tailored to your needs. Our work as bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters also overhauls two of the most important rooms in your house.

Below, we have outlined some of the specific reasons why our services are so popular with Chesterfield homeowners. We have focused on house extensions, garage conversions as well as bathroom and kitchen installations.

Why Our Services Are So Popular

Bathroom Installations

As bathroom fitters, we can never overstate the importance of your bathroom. It bookends your days. It’s the first room you visit after waking up and likely the place where you get ready for work. It’s the room in which you unwind, relax and get ready for bed in.

Much like our kitchen fitters do with kitchens, we emphasise the importance of your bathroom’s layout, appearance and features. These aspects help to create a reassuring, calming environment – the perfect place to start any day or night.

Alongside kitchens, bathrooms are also one of the most appealing rooms in any property, be it in Chesterfield or the surrounding areas. As such, our combined expertise as bathroom fitters, builders and plastering contractors can add as much as 5% to your home’s market value.


When a room is known as ‘the heart of the home’, you know it carries huge importance. Kitchens are unlike any other room in that they are practical and social spaces. As such, they need to combine hardwearing qualities with aesthetic appeal. At DC Renovations, we have a proven record for producing house extensions, garage conversions and bathrooms of unmatched quality, so you can expect the same of our kitchens.

Our kitchen fitters install your chosen materials with a professional finish. This includes all the latest fixtures and finishes, from undercabinet lighting to soft-close doors. With proven expertise as builders and plastering contractors, we ensure every last detail meets the highest of standards.

As with the results we produce as bathroom fitters, a dazzling new kitchen can add as much as 5% to 10% to your Chesterfield home’s resale value.

Garage Conversions

Every homeowner loves the prospect of having a little extra space. If you can’t stretch your budget to house extensions, converting your garage is a great alternative. Given the size of an average single garage (approx. 9ft x 18ft), our building and plastering contractors can create a new room with ample floorspace and headroom. And this room can take any form you want, be it a bedroom, home office, home gym or an extra living room.

If you’ve got an eye on a future sale, good quality garage conversions add as much as 10% to the resale value of your home. What’s more, you don’t have to sacrifice natural light or space in the garden either.

As added benefits, converting your garage usually falls within permitted development criteria, so you don’t need planning consent. It won’t affect your council tax either.

House Extensions

This option often combines our expertise as bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters. As a Chesterfield-based builder and plastering contractor, we construct single- and double-storey extensions to house any room you want, be it a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office.

The benefits of extending your home are well known. In fact, you can find many of them on our dedicated House Extensions page. Here, we’re only going to focus on the immediate benefit of having so much more living space. In short, this immediately improves your family’s quality of life in much the same way as garage conversions.

Growing children no longer need to share a bedroom. A parent working from home gets a private office. Overflowing possessions find a new organised home. Everything gets spread out, and things feel all the more peaceful for it.

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